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Transparency within the supply chain

Kögel Telematics– the benefits at a glance!

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Transparency and optimisation of logistics processes
  • Transparency of vehicle status and availability
  • Checking and monitoring of loads, e.g., temperature of the goods
  • Important data from the trailer is displayed visually on the web-based telematics portal
  • Trailer monitoring for theft as a result of timely alarms or location tracking of the trailer

High level of economy, transport efficiency, quality and security

Kögel Telematics = Kögel Trailer telematics module + Kögel Telematics web-portal

With Kögel Telematics, you benefit from a low-cost, contemporary and reliable trailer telematics system. It provides real-time access * to GPS, cooling, trailer and EBS data to a clear and easy-to-use Kögel web portal. The Kögel trailer telematics module combines the telematics of the semi-trailer with the diagnostics of the brake system, while integrating other vehicle data into the evaluation.

The Kögel web portal or a fleet management system can be used to retrieve the following real-time data, in addition to the standard

„PosControl“ telematics data such as position determination, driving times, track routing and geofencing:

„EBSControl“ provides information from the electronic brake system (EBS) regarding RSS interventions, the kilometre reading, the speed, axle load, tyre pressure and brake wear.

„TrailerControl“ shows the current coupling status, the opening state of the doors and the battery status, as well as whether the ignition of the tractor unit is on or off.

„TempControl“ helps to monitor and control the temperature inside the refrigerated box vehicle and continuously monitors and documents the cooling chain, while also providing information about operating and service cycles.

* Depending on the transmission rate and technical requirements

How Telematics functions:

  • Trailer Telematics: the intelligent Kögel-communication-head office
  • Position data: tracking via satellite
  • Mobile radio data: Transmission of available trailer data via mobile radio towers
  • Mobile radio tower: Transmission of mobile radio data to the database server
  • Database server: Transmission and management of data on the web portal
  • Web portal: Important information in user overview, for example, the dispatcher or the administration of data in an ERP analytic database system or forwarding software
How Telematics functions

The most important functions

The most important functions
Features at a glance
GPS = Global Positioning System (satellite system USA)
GLONASS = GLObal NAvigation satellite system (satellite system RUS)
  • Location determination
  • Optimum vehicle disposition and management
  • Distance to destination
Driving times /
  • Monitoring / compliance, driving times and periods of inactivity
  • Individual vehicle and fleet evaluations
  • Efficiency reports
  • Monitoring defined regions
  • Theft protection
  • Alarm message if the vehicle leaves a defined region
Documentation /
driving progress
  • Route control
  • Optimise transport costs
Checking / information of the temperature and refrigeration unit
Ambient temperature 
  • Current indicators of temperatures in the refrigerated body
  • Monitoring and control of the refrigeration temperature
  • Alarm message in the event of a setpoint deviation
  • Transport security for perishable, temperature-sensitive goods
  • 2-way communication with the refrigeration unit *
  • Setting / monitoring the setpoint via web portal
  • Unbroken documentation of the cooling chain
  • Evidence for the customer
  • 24-month data storage
  • Documentation for the requirements from the pharmaceutical industry
Refrigeration unit
  • Refrigeration unit operating status
  • Operating hours diesel / electric
  • Timely planning of refrigeration unit service

* dependent on the manufacturer

All relevant information about the trailer
Coupling status 
  • Trailer connected or disconnected
  • Alarm message per SMS text/email in case of an unauthorised coupling
Door contact switches
  • Door open / closed
  • Alarm message in case of unauthorised opening of the doors
  • Info, ignition off / on
Battery status
  • Status of the current battery charge
Trailer EBS data in real time
Odometer reading 
  • Mileage monitoring
  • Info about current speed
Axle load
  • Load status / load capacity
  • Overloading the axle components
Brake lining wear
  • Timely planning of brake service
  • Avoidance of damage
  • Reducing of service lives
Optimum tyre pressure
  • Monitoring using TPCS = tyre pressure control system
  • Less wear, higher fuel economy
  • Increased security by minimising tyre blow-out
EBS messages
  • Avoidance of damage by indicating EBS events
  • Indicators of RSS interventions (RSS = stability control system)
    → bring the driver up to speed and train if necessary
Trailer Telematics module TTM
  • Spray-proof, dust-proof and IP 69 certified
  • Integrated antennas for GPS / GLONASS tracking
  • Compatibility with common EBS systems such as Wabco and Haldex
  • RS232 interface to temperature recorders by Carrier and Thermo King
  • Interface to refrigeration units by Carrier and Thermo King
  • Diagnosis interface
  • High-performance metal hybrid battery
Telematics packages
Trailer Telematics module TTM
Coupling sensor
Door contact switches
Temperature recorder
Telematics packages
Smart Board
Tank sensor
Optical filling level indicator, tank
Tyre pressure control system (TPCS)
Telematics packages / trailers
Platform trailers:Demountable systems:Chassis:
Kögel CargoKögel PortKögel Cargo
Kögel Light

Kögel Mega
Kögel Mega
Kögel FlexiUse
Kögel Mega perfect heightKögel AWE
Box trailers:
Kögel Box
Kögel Box – PurFerro quality
Box trailers:
Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality
Construction vehicle:
Kögel tipper trailer
Easy operation and overview
  • Data is shown in real time *
  • Position and status indicators
    → Location, driving time etc.
    → GPS position on map
    → all available EBS data (axle load, odometer reading, axle load, tyre pressure)
    → all available refrigerator and temperature data
  • Presentation of reports: graphical or in numbers
  • Export reports in PDF or Excel formats
  • Alarms per SMS message or email
  • Trailer management
  • Geofencing: Establishing geo circles
  • Establishing alarm messages:
    → e.g. when leaving geo circles, door status, temperature deviations etc.

* Depending on the transmission rate and technical requirements

Reports and Efficiency analysis *

Deployment and status reports

  • Route progress, kilometres travelled
  • Driving time and downtime
  • Speeds
  • Axle loads, capacity utilisation
  • Door opening sequences
  • Error messages from the EBS system
  • Driver performance, documentation of RSS interventions
  • Brake pad history

Temperature reports

  • Temperature sequences from each sensor in a refrigeration unit
  • Documentation of temperatures as verification of the cooling chain
  • Refrigeration unit status, mileage, fuel consumption


  • up to 24-month data storage *

* Depending on the individual equipment and technical requirements. There may be additional costs.

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