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Year after year – Kögel supports disadvantaged children

Care Package | 22.12.2021

Not everyone in Europe has it so good. For some, presents fall by the wayside at Christmas because they lack even the most basic essentials. That’s why every year, Kögel supports charitable organisations by providing suitable means of transport. Seeing children’s eyes light up is the best reward we could hope for – “Because we care”.

If it wasn’t for the many volunteers in Germany, there would be many disappointed faces at Christmas – even directly on our doorstep. Poverty persists even in Europe and people are affected by many other serious concerns – especially the youngest among us. Volunteers and charity workers aim to give as many people as possible a reason to celebrate at Christmas. One example of this are the “Johanniter Christmas truckers”, whom Kögel has been supporting for years. Since 1993, supporters of all ages have spent the pre-Christmas period preparing aid packages for people in need in south-eastern Europe and Germany. By doing so, they send a message of solidarity, compassion and hope, year after year.

"It is a matter for Kögel to support the Christmas truckers again this year with a trailer, so that the valuable freight gets to its destination quickly and safely"

Thomas Rosenberger Head of Marketing, Public Relations and Communication at Kögel Trailer GmbH.

The care packages are prepared according to a carefully curated packing list and contain food and hygiene items, such as toothbrushes, flour or chocolate. At their destination, they are given to low-income families, school and pre-school children, disabled people, soup kitchens, retirement homes and children’s homes by volunteers in close collaboration with cooperation partners.

The logistics industry is happy to help

The logistics industry too is happy to help, and lend its expertise in logistics and aid transport. The industrious Swiss entrepreneur Janina Martig, owner of Janina Martig Logistics based in Allschwil, is organising an aid convoy together with the Til Schweiger Foundation. The project is supported by reputable sponsors such as Disney, Schmidt Spiele and companies from the transport and automotive sector, such as Michelin, Knorr-Bremse and Karl Dischinger. This year, the presents will arrive at their destination on a Kögel trailer. A special feature of the JML Christmas Express semi-trailer is the lovingly designed trailer tarpaulin, which is illuminated with LED elements to compete with the shining eyes of the children as they receive their gifts. The tarpaulin was designed in-house at Kögel. “If we receive an earnest request with enough time, then we will generally find an appropriate solution. Helping people who need it the most is a matter of honour for Kögel. That is just one aspect of our motto, ‘Because we care’,” explains Rosenberger

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