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Kögel Euro Trailer

The Euro Trailer sets new standards among trailers made for forwarding companies. It is 1.30 metres longer, therefore offering up to ten percent more transport volume than conventional trailers. Depending on the version of the body, this allows you to transport up to 10 m3 more volume or respectively an additional six to eight pallets. This results in a substantial reduction in fuel consumption per pallet transported. A ten percent lower CO2 emission rate with the same fuel consumption as compared with a standard trailer is confirmed by RWTH Aachen/Prof. Wallentowitz. Place your trust in the economical transport solution from Kögel.

Product information
  • With up to ten percent more volume, the Euro Trailer is the solution for the growing transport problem in Europe. The Kögel solution is 1.30 metres longer than the standard semi-trailer and therefore has a clear loading length of up to 14.92 metres.
  • The Euro Trailer complies with the regulations for circular driving and can be used anywhere without requiring any changes to existing infrastructure. This reduces traffic on the roads, because fewer vehicles are required for the same transport volume.
  • When driving around the specified circle with a 25 metre diameter (circle according to German Ordinance Regulating Passenger Transport (BOKraft)), the trailer does not cut across the inner circle with a 5.30 metre diameter. When entering into the circle, the amount it swings out is less than the permitted 0.80 metres.

The consumption values of Euro Trailer train are identical to those of a conventional 40-tonne vehicle. It allows larger volumes to be transported, but does not make any difference to tolls, insurance or tax. The Kögel Euro Trailer can be pulled by conventional tractor units. While evaluating a large-scale test carried out over five years and monitored by RWTH Aachen University, the economic advantages of the Euro Trailer are clear:

  • Forwarding companies did not notice any change in the fuel consumption when using the extra-long semi-trailer
  • approx. five to ten percent of trips were no longer necessary
  • Around a third of the forwarding companies asked would equip 75 to 100 percent of their fleet with extra-long trailers
  • 67 percent of forwarding companies would bring investments forward to be able to use these vehicles earlier

The slightly higher price compared to conventional semi-trailers would already pay for itself in less than a year. The higher transport volume of the Euro Trailer allows greater turnover per trip with the same personnel and fuel costs. This significantly increases the profit per kilometre driven.


The nano-ceramic plus KTL coating as the most up-to-date and high quality type of surface coating in industry has the same fantastic properties as the zinc-phosphating used so far, however it is more environmentally compatible and impresses with a better energy balance.

Optional product and equipment versions
  • Euro Trailer Mega: Standard solution of Euro Trailer as high volume semi-trailer with 1.3 metres more length
  • Euro Trailer Rail: The Euro Trailer can be loaded on the standard railway pocket wagons with the Kögel rail equipment. The extra length makes better use of the available load volume, the aerodynamics are improved and the optimised volume reduces change-over times
  • Euro Trailer Cool: In addition to more space for loads, the refrigerated version also provides additional space for airflow. This leads to substantially better transportation quality for both refrigerated and fresh produce transport
  • Euro Trailer Box: The 14.9 metre long dry freight box comes with 8.5 m3 more volume, making it particularly economical and environmentally friendly
  • Extended container chassis LongPlex: With its convenient rear extension, it is possible to transport two 7.45 metre long swap bodies
  • Depending on the model, various equipment and load-securing options are available
Other benefits of the Euro Trailer

The Kögel Euro Trailer is a safe solution. The Institute of Automotive Engineering (ika) at the RWTH Aachen University confirms in its expert report that the Euro Trailer does not have any negative impact on the road safety of the other road users. This is confirmed by the ADAC. The ADAC supports the introduction of elongated semi-trailers based on the design of the Euro Trailer. With a length of 17.80 metres, the Kögel Euro Trailer is approximately one metre shorter than an articulated truck today. So it will fit onto all existing truck parking lots and does not represent an unusual length for other road users when overtaking.

Relieving traffic congestion

The ika at the RWTH Aachen University confirms in its expert report that the Euro Trailer will relieve congestion on the roads because less vehicles are required for the same transport volume. Thanks to an extended loading length, with approx. 80 percent capacity utilisation, one in ten trucks can be dispensed with.

Suitable for combined transport

As the specifically developed rail version, the Euro Trailer fits on flatcars commonly used today for combined transport. This was shown by a sample loading which Kögel carried out working in cooperation with Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co KG. The Euro Trailer Rail is a 14.92 metre long standard semi-trailer with a clear internal height of 2.70 metres and hitching height of 1080 to 1230 millimetres. Thanks to a folding underride guard and a constructive frame adaptation at the rear, the semi-trailer fits into flatcars of type c/e/f/g/h commonly used today and as used by the large combined traffic operators.

Protecting the environment

The Euro Trailer supports efforts to protect the climate. The cW value of semi-trailer combinations is more favourable than that of articulated trucks. By using the semi-trailer idea, with the same transport capacity, savings of up to approx. two litres/100 kilometres can be made, i.e. 50 grammes/kilometre CO2. On a truck doing long distances, this means approx. 7.5 tonnes less CO2 per year. With a total of more than two million trucks in Europe, in the long-term this will result in a reduction of the CO2 emissions of 15 million tonnes per year.

Transport quality

With the Euro Trailer Cool, Kögel is meeting a requirement made by the European association for the temperature-controlled road transport "Transfrigoroute International". They are working towards increased trailer lengths to allow space for the airflow in loaded vehicles. The Euro Trailer, in addition to providing more space for pallets, also provides an additional 100 millimetres of space for airflow. As tests have shown, additional air space ensures that the cooled air can flow better around the goods in the trailer. This results in even cooling and therefore greater transport quality for food which is usually very sensitive.

European solution

The Euro Trailer is a European solution. For the Euro Trailer to be licensed without a certificate of exemption, it would be necessary to change the current EU guideline 96/53 on the lengths of trucks. Once such as change has been made, the Euro Trailer can then be used in cross-border transport in all countries within the EU without limitations. Today already, many European countries are showing interest to this concept. Thus in some countries, certificates of exemption are already being issued for national commerce. In Germany, the Euro Trailer is currently only permitted within the scope of field trials.

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