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Kögel Cargo: The trailer for forwarding companies

Stable, resilient, quickly loaded - that describes the Kögel Cargo. A trailer for 2 or 3-axle towing vehicles with with a high payload for a range of large and heavy goods. Due to its low running and maintenance costs, the Kögel Cargo makes forwarding company fleets even more cost-effective.

Product information
Fifth wheel load
Fifth wheel load
  • The Cargo trailer is designed for 2 or 3-axle towing vehicles with high fifth-wheel load.
Chassis and floor
  • Extremely stable frame with well-designed layout of cross beams
  • Floor load for high fork-lift axle loads (floor optionally also available in paper model)
  • The low tare weight of the Cargo trailer means a high payload.
VarioFix perforated steel external frame
  • Short distances between slots ensures that cargo can be securely fastened at virtually any part of the vehicle
  • A perfect lashing angle prevents wear of the tension straps
Hybrid quick-opening mechanism (optional)
  • Short holding times due to fast opening and closing of tarpaulins with pneumatic switch
  • For partial loading or unloading respectively, the front and rear fields can also be opened manually. This means that a de-coupled trailer with de-pressurised air receiver remains fully available for use.
Sliding roof with integral roof tarpaulin
  • When using the sliding roof, reinforcing belts hanging in the inside are no longer a problem.
  • It can be opened from back to front and can optionally also be opened and slid from the front
Optional product and equipment versions
  • Cargo Rail: Trailer equipped for multimodal transport with a reinforced chassis and tarpaulin protection made of Aramid fabric to provide protection from grippers
  • Cargo TIR: TIR version suitable for custom seals with and without drop sides
  • Cargo Coil: Trailer is equipped with a coil trough according to VDI 2700
  • Reinforced chassis: Fifth wheel load up to 15 tonnes
  • Paper equipment: The cargo trailer is equipped with four longitudinal loading rails with an integrated hole arrangement for load-securing with locking wedges
  • Octabin equipment with reversible slats, steel C rails and telescopic load-securing bars
  • Daimler directive 9.5: For the automotive industry, the trailer is equipped among other things with a pallet limiting rail, a double bulk head, 24 belt tighteners and three rows of V-aluminium lattices
  • Ferry / RoRo: The Cargo trailer is equipped for accompanied or unaccompanied ship and ferry transport with four pairs of heavy-duty lashing rings as well as corresponding signage
  • Beverages certificate: Individual equipment for securely transporting crates, beverage pallets and barrels
  • Tyre certificate: Optimal equipment for safely transporting stacked, overlapping and tiered tyres up to 15 tonnes
  • Drop side: If you like, you can also have the Cargo trailer with drop sides Individual load-securing for partial loads and equipment versions
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