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The new Kögel Light plus: more payload, more internal height and more margin

Kögel is presenting a new generation of Kögel Light curtain-sider trucks, the Kögel Light plus. The brand new, specially developed Kögel Light plus comes with a payload-optimised and weight-optimised frame and body. With a low tare weight, starting at 4,775 kilograms with individual equipment, and 5,145 kilograms in its standard version, it is exceptionally cost-effective to drive. The technical total weight is 39,000 kilograms and the technical fifth-wheel load is 12,000 kilograms. Its excellent stability and durability, despite the sparing use of materials in its construction, is ensured through the use of high-quality fine grain steels.

Kögel Light plus | Shorts | English Version | © 2017 Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG

© 2017 Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG

  • approx. 850 kg higher payload*
    • Recesses in the frame minimise the tare weight while retaining the same stability
  • approx. 1,220 kg higher payload* incl. special equipment
    • Due to lighter individualised equipment packages: Lightweight tyres, glued floor etc.

* compared to Kögel Cargo (basic configuration)

  • State of the art technologies ensure reliable stability while using less material
  • Use of high quality fine grain steel
  • Stability and durability
For the environment
  • Using payload optimised vehicles reduces COemissions by up to 8%*
  • With 1,000 kg less weight, you can save up to 0.6 litres diesel* per 100 km

* compared to Kögel Cargo (basic configuration)

Level of individualisation
  • Optimal customisation to provide your weight-optimising transport for paper rolls or beverages.
  • Load-securing packages such as XL certificate (with beverages), Daimler load-securing 9.5 etc.
  • Service packages such as Full Service Telematics etc.
  • Safety packages such as TYRE PILOT, RSAB etc.
Planning security
  • steeled for the present and the future
  • Flexibility regarding:
    • - freight
    • - tractor unit weights (Euro 5 / 6)
    • - future developments on the tractor unit market (Euro 7)
  • The low approx. 120 mm frame gooseneck height offers you up to 2 m³ more volume
  • A lifting roof is no longer required due to greater side aperture height
  •   Increased margins
  •   Less trips for the specified annual tonnage
  •   Lower operating costs
  •   High flexibility regarding freight
  •   Up to 8%* less CO2 emissions
  •   Up to 0.6 litres of diesel* less per 1,000 kg less weight
  •   High resale value

* compared to Kögel Cargo (basic configuration)

Product information
Chassis and floor
  • newly designed and equipped with a new external frame profile
  • new frame using lightweight construction techniques
  • frame neck height of 120 millimetres
  • thanks to full-width cross beam, the payload is optimally and evenly distributed across the loading platform
  • Floor: a 30-millimetre thick screwed panel floor
  • Floor: a bonded 27-millimetre thick panel floor is also optionally available
  • the lightweight steel frame of the lightweight is optimised for even greater payloads
  • low tare weight, starting at 4,775 kilograms with individual equipment, and 5,145 kilograms in its standard version
VarioFix perforated steel external frame
  • Short distances between slots ensures that cargo can be securely fastened at virtually any part of the lightweight semi-trailer
  • A perfect lashing angle prevents wear of the tension straps
Quick-locking device with ratchet or lever
  • To make it particularly quick and easy to open and close tarpaulins from the front
  • Quick-locking devices for the front section are available as an option
Weight-reducing individual features
  • it is also possible to order an optional portal door made from lightweight and highly robust Duroplastic sandwich panels with a honeycomb core filling, well-known from its use in the aviation industry
  • The front wall, including the front volume corner posts, the rear corner posts, and the rear wall door portal are manufactured from aluminium in the basic design
  • available with weight-reducing equipment like
    • lightweight tyres
    • Roof bow in aluminium
    • alloy wheels
    • aluminium semi-trailer supports
    • aluminium air tanks
  • High degree of customisation to individual customer requirements
Optional product and equipment versions
  • Beverages certificate: The body has been certified for drinks transport, in combination with the prescribed equipment, such as pallet stops and lattices and of course holds the DIN EN 12642 Code XL load-securing certificate
  • Individual load-securing for partial loads and equipment versions
Kögel Light plus | English Version | © 2016 Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG

© 2016 Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG

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