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Kögel CLIMATEX – cool optimally with Kögel


The air distribution system CLIMATEX was developed by Kögel and optimises the air circulation in the refrigerated trailer. Refrigerated trailers which are equipped with this system have a specially shaped and perforated air baffle on the front wall as well as via an air conductor across 90 percent of the body width and length.

The aluminium sheet on the front wall which is angled at the sides and has grooves in it acts as a collision protection guard and spacer from the front wall. It thus ensure selective air recirculation in the front of the vehicle. On top of that, in combination with the air-ducting tarpaulin on the roof, it prevents the cooled air emitted by the cooler from being immediately drawn in again and rendering the cooling system ineffective.

To the correct refrigeration temperature with the air conductor film: It is considerably wider and even 15 percent longer than the standard conductor film. Thanks to the air conductor film, the cooled air even gets right into the back of the refrigerated trailer. Air vents distributed across the entire surface ensure even air output in the entire vehicle.

The Kögel CLIMATEX system solution can also be used for a trailer divided into several chambers or for double-deck loading. Kögel CLIMATEX is suitable for use with all popular refrigeration units - cool efficiently and evenly with Kögel!

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