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Second-hand trailers: Selling and buying with Kögel

Are you interested in a second-hand semi-trailer which has already proven its worth? Or would you like to sell used trailers? In both cases, Kögel is the right place for you. We offer various second-hand trailers of different makes at competitive prices for your haulage or construction company or will take your used vehicle as part payment. Find out online about all the options or come and visit us at Kögel Trailer Points in undefinedBurtenbach and Korschenbroich in Germany.

The high quality finish and durability of materials makes it possible for second-hand Kögel trailers to work just as well for a second owner. For this reason, we are offering a platform for selling a buying second-hand trailers.

Second-hand on a large scale - buying and selling second-hand trailers

You want to sell used trailers? Create space for new ones! Kögel would be happy to take your old trailers as part payment. We buy used commercial vehicles of any make which are in decent, roadworthy condition. Fill in our entry document for your second-hand vehicle for sales and allow our employees to advise you!

Do you want to buy a second-hand trailer? Before we resell second-hand trailers, we go over them with a fine toothed comb. We check the axles, the chassis, the electrics as well as the brakes to make sure they work properly so that you, as the second owner, receive a used trailer in perfect condition. We document the state, the age, the mileage as well as the service components of our used trailers.

This allows us to quickly find a suitable commercial vehicle for new buyers which matches your requirements as regards budget and equipment.

You will find numerous images of vehicles and information on equipment as well as vehicle descriptions in our Vehicle selection. You also have the option of looking at the vehicles live. We look forward to your visit to our Kögel Trailer Points in Burtenbach and Korschenbroich. You will find further information on buying and selling second-hand trailers from:

Director Kögel Used International
Alexander Holy

Industriestraße 1
89349 Burtenbach

Tel.: +49 8285 8812326
Fax.: +49 8285 8817939
Mobile: +49 152 22636059
Email: undefinedalexander.holy (at) or undefinedused (at)

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