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Full control - Kögel Telematics

From now on, you will always have an eye on your trailer. Kögel Telematics, the state-of-the-art trailer telematics system, is a standard feature in all vehicle types. The Kögel trailer telematics module (KTTM) records all trailer data in real time. These are optimally processed and provided in our Web portal*. So you have full control with Kögel Telematics – straightforward, any place, any time. 
*Depending on transfer rate and technical requirements. 


More information on Kögel Telematics

Everything under control

"TireControl" **

An overview of benefits

  • More efficiency: Kögel Telematics optimizes servicing and lowers fleet costs.
  • More transparency: Kögel Telematics provides you with an overview of key data.
  • More security: Kögel Telematics gives fast, targeted data about anomalies.

About telematics

“A highly efficient transport tool emerges from the interplay of vehicle technology that is perfectly matched to the use and a close-knit telematics network.”

Hans de Visser

Director Operations at Combinex

Data retrieval via the Web Portal


With Kögel Telematics, you have a simple and concise view of all data concerning your trailer via our Web portal. You therefore obtain information on the location, axle load, speed and temperature in the body, for example. You will also be alerted to deviations from target data by SMS or email and informed about the nearest Kögel service partners.    

Cargo-Fleet Portal


All data collected by Kögel Telematics are processed for you precisely and concisely. Reports are available as PDF or XLS files. Alongside various efficiency analyses, you can produce a range of reports for your documentation.

Operating and driving reports

Kögel Telematics evaluates data such as the route, mileage driven, and driving and idle times, and analyzes vehicle capacity and door openings, for example.   

Temperature reports

The reports record precise readings of temperature progressions within the refrigerated semitrailer, refrigerator status, and running and cooling performance. 


The reports inform you about technical disruptions, deviations from defined areas (geofencing) and, optionally, about problems with tire pressure.