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The Kögel quality promise

The Kögel quality promise

Our goal is to have satisfied customers, which is why quality is not just a word for us, but a promise! Each individual trailer is tested for quality and safety before it leaves our factory. We provide vehicles to the latest, most modern technology standards. We not only promise this quality, we also test for it: All vehicle components are tested and subjected to dynamic vehicle tests.

Reliable Kögel quality characteristics include:

  • Electronics & lighting – EBS is part of our standard equipment. All vehicle lights are of the LED kind. This ensures a long service life and a low power consumption.
  • Underride guard – The reinforced side underride guard increases safety levels for all road users. It can be fitted and replaced as an individual unit. The light brackets are made of impact-resistant plastic and provide 100% corrosion protection.
  • Corrosion protection – The KTL-plus nano-ceramic coating is the most modern and highest quality form of industrial surface treatment. It provides the same excellent characteristics as zinc phosphating did in the past, but is far more environmentally compatible and has a better energy profile. The durable, clean surface coating can be renewed at any time.
    All the fluids in the nano-ceramic and cathodic dip baths are checked for their chemical composition every day. This analysis ensures the extraordinary high quality of the Kögel chassis.
  • Safety – We have developed special components for increased safety. This includes panelling elements on the frame for improved aerodynamics, an underride guard compliant with the new EC Directive, standard load-securing as per DIN EN 12642 Code XL, RSS for greater driving stability and safety-optimised height adjustment valve (lifting roof with BG support).

Take us at our word and discover the Kögel quality promise for yourself!

The brand history of Kögel

The brand history of Kögel

Find out more about the impressive brand history of Kögel: from visionary ideas and entrepreneurial courage to success all along the line: Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG specialises in manufacturing trailers and semi-trailers. This entrepreneurial passion for the transport industry has resulted in a company that can look back at a very special history. The company has produced over 500,000 vehicles since being established in 1934 and currently boasts more than 11,000 employee years and thus utility vehicle experience on the part of its employees.

Visionary ideas and entrepreneurial spirit

Kögel owes its incomparable company history to the craftsmanship and long-term vision of its founder, Franz Xaver Kögel. Kögel has a long tradition of providing innovative trailer solutions which attract great interest in the truck sector at both a national and international level. Kögel has been manufacturing commercial vehicle bodies and trailers for over 80 years.

The beginnings

When the motorway network was first extended during the 1930s, this resulted in extremely rapid development of the transport industry. Kögel was part of this progress and provided the contemporary, suitable products the market demanded. Over the past few decades, the transport industry has undergone further dynamic development and will continue to increase in complexity in the future, posing complex challenges to companies.

Milestones in the history of our success

Among the highlights in Kögel's history are innovations such as:

  • First refrigerated semi-trailer entirely made of plastics
  • First demountable platform trailer with supports
  • First self-supporting aluminium round trough
  • Patented central-axle tilting trailer
  • First light-construction semi-trailer
  • "Wiesel" transfer vehicle for demountable bridges and
  • First cathodic dip-paint system for optimal corrosion protection of vehicle frames.

These innovations have characterised modern road freight transport for many years. Kögel is among the top trailer manufacturers in Europe and thus one of the larger producers world-wide.

Transport solutions – made in Germany!

Ulrich Humbaur, owner of Kögel, believes in the German concept of quality. With an innate feeling for the highest precision and commitment to production in Germany, all processes and work steps - from development to production - take place in Germany.

The executive, consisting of Thomas Heckel, Thomas Eschey, Massimo Dodoni and Josef Warmeling, heads a future-oriented company that builds on brand tradition, the experience of its long-standing employees and especially its engineering skills. All employees optimally contribute their skills and experience in order to take Kögel forward as a brand with continued success.

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