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Joint effort delivers refrigerated transport with a green carbon footprint

Press release | 10.02.22

Together with SAF-Holland, Kögel has developed a refrigerated trailer from the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality series with a recuperation axle. This axle recovers kinetic energy as electric current and makes it available to the drive of the cooling device, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and offering further advantages in the process.

The European logistics industry is facing major challenges, one of which is how pollutant and CO2 emissions can be avoided in road freight transport. Kögel helps customers to meet these requirements with its innovative transport solutions. Together with SAF-Holland, Kögel has now produced a Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality series refrigerated trailer with a fully-electric cooling device, not only decreasing diesel fuel consumption and therefore CO2 and pollutant emissions, but also reducing noise emissions and operating costs.

Transport solutions from Kögel for climate-friendly transport

"At Kögel, we want to help to make transport and logistics processes more environmentally and climate-friendly in line with current policy and our customers," says Thomas Eschey, Managing Director of Kögel responsible for the Technology business area. "We have enshrined this goal in our corporate motto: 'Economy meets Ecology - Because we care.' We have the expertise, the industry knowledge, the right transport solutions and the right partners to do this." Kögel's industry expertise guarantees a transport solution that meets the requirements of real-world transport applications.

Partnership makes practical innovation possible

An essential component of the electrification of the Kögel Cool is the TRAKr recuperation axle from SAF-HOLLAND. An electric generator in the SAF TRAKr trailer axle converts kinetic energy during travel, for example, in the towing vehicle's overrun phases, and buffers it as electric current in a battery on the trailer. The electric current is then used to operate the refrigeration unit electrically.

All-electric drive offers numerous advantages

During fully-electric operation, the refrigeration unit therefore requires no conventional fuel and does not emit any pollutants or CO2. Other advantages of the system are the avoidance of noise emissions and reduced wear. As a result, the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality with fully-electric refrigeration unit is also suitable for night-time deliveries in inner cities and opens up additional business models and greater freedom in vehicle scheduling. In addition, the significantly quieter all-electric system ensures greater comfort and does not disturb the sleep of truck drivers at the rest area.

Company profile

Kögel is one of the leading trailer manufacturers in Europe. With its commercial vehicles and transport solutions for freight-forwarding companies and the construction industry, the company has been providing “made-in-Germany” engineering quality for more than 85 years. Kögel sees itself as having a responsibility to design transport and logistics processes in an environmentally and climate-friendly manner in consultation with politicians and customers. The company’s guiding principle “Economy meets Ecology - Because we care” is a promise: Kögel supports all customers with outstanding expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and, above all, durable, ecologically and economically sustainable products in lightweight construction. The company headquarters and main production facility of Kögel Trailer GmbH are located in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach. Kögel also has factories and sites in Ulm (Germany), Duingen (Germany), Choceň (Czech Republic), Verona (Italy), Gallur (Spain), Kampen (Netherlands), Corcelles-en-Beaujolais (France) and Moscow (Russia).


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