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11.01.2018 10:40

Elflein takes delivery of 61 new Kögel semi-trailers

Burtenbach, 11th January 2018

  • Elflein invests in elongated trailers - ten new Kögel Europe Trailer Mega Rails
  • A real cost-saver - 51 new Kögel 2-axle Mega semi-trailers

Elflein Spedition & Transport GmbH, which is based in Bamberg, Germany, with subsidiaries in Leipzig, Oelsnitz, Hermsdorf, Bor (CZ) and Nyrany (CZ), is adding 61 Kögel semi-trailers to its fleet. The company will be using the new semi-trailers for customers from the most varied of industries, such as the automotive just-in-time sector and the paper & printing industry. Elflein professionally covers the transport, general cargo (JIT/JIS), and warehousing & logistics areas as well as the outsourcing of transport and storage services. With more than 1,250 employees, more than 475 vehicles and a correspondingly large storage area at present, Elflein is well-known in the sector. The decision in favour of the new Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rails and 2-axle Mega semi-trailers was a wise one, since, as a result, Elflein will reduce its operating and fuel costs as well as making a contribution to environmental protection. Elflein is acquiring the new Kögel semi-trailers via Leckert Fahrzeughandel GmbH, Kögel's authorised dealer in northern Bavaria and southern Hesse.

Four additional pallet bays - Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail
Each of the ten new Euro Trailer Mega Rails offers the company space for a total of 37 Euro pallets. That's four pallet bays more per trailer than provided by a standard Mega trailer. The ecological and economic benefits are clear: Up to 10% less fuel consumption, up to 10% less CO2 emissions, and – with an average utilisation of 80% – every 10th journey can be eliminated. Based on the legal requirements in Germany, these elongated trailers can naturally be used for combined transport too. Thanks to the gripper edges integrated into the frame, gripper jaw tarpaulin protection and the special axles in the rail design, the Euro Trailer Mega Rail trailers can be loaded onto transport trains. The trailers are, of course, certified in accordance with DIN EN 12642 Code XL. For optimal load-securing, the VarioFix perforated steel external frame is equipped with 15 pairs of lashing rings in the standard design, each ring affording 2,000 kg of tensile force. At the customer's request, Euro Trailer Mega Rails are fitted out as per Daimler Directive 9.5. This includes pallet stops and a double front wall bulkhead amongst other things. Further custom equipment includes RoRo equipment for unaccompanied ship and ferry transport, toolboxes, LED peripheral lights, LED multi-chamber lights and much more.

Kögel Mega with two 10-tonne axles
Kögel's 2-axle volume semi-trailers, which are ideal for deliveries in the automotive sector, are fitted with a reinforced chassis for 10-tonne axles. As a result, Elflein benefits from a lower tare weight, smoother running thanks to the greater distance between axles of 1,810 millimetres, and lower operating and fuel costs. The loading and unloading of three stacked pallet cages is simple, thanks to the clear internal height of three metres and the standard mechanical-hydraulic lifting roof. This increases the side and rear through-loading height to more than three metres. The standard Kögel integral roof tarpaulin also guarantees improved handling with an open roof. Thanks to the roof straps being integrated in the roof tarpaulin, sagging straps are a thing of the past. This eliminates the straps snagging on the load. Of course, the Mega semi-trailers are also certified in accordance with DIN EN 12642 Code XL and can be optionally equipped for use in the automotive industry as per Daimler Directive 9.5. Further custom equipment includes an axle lift for the second axle, toolboxes, LED peripheral lights, LED multi-chamber lights, a load-securing package for partial loads, and much more.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: Lasting protection from corrosion
On all of the 61 Kögel trailers, the entire vehicle frame is given long-lasting protection against corrosion by nano ceramic technology and cathodic dip-paint coating, supplemented with a coat of UV varnish.

Photo: Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rail and Kögel Mega in the Elflein design

Your contact person in the event of further questions about this press release:

Patrick Wanner
Head of Public Relations
Phone + 49 82 85 88 – 12301
Fax + 49 82 85 88 – 12284

Kögel is one of the leading trailer manufacturers in Europe. Since it was established in 1934, the company has manufactured more than 550,000 trailers. With its commercial vehicles and solutions for freight-forwarding companies and the construction industry, the company has been providing 'Made in Germany' engineering quality for more than 80 years. During this period, it has maintained its passion for transport and innovation, enabling it to offer proven, long-lasting added value to freight-forwarding companies. The company headquarters and main production facility of Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG are located in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach. Kögel also has factories and offices in Ulm (Germany), Duingen (Germany), Chocen (Czech Republic), Verona (Italy), Zwolle (Netherlands) and Moscow (Russia).

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