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03.12.2020 15:44

Kögel presents the Kögel Trailer Axle NOVUM

Burtenbach, 03 December 2020

  • The lightweight yet robust axle combines high performance, cost-efficiency and sustainability
  • Perfectly engineered bogie for all Kögel trailers of the NOVUM generation

With the Kögel Trailer Axle NOVUM – or KTA NOVUM for short – has revolutionised its in-house bogie design and created an optimised version of the successful Kögel Trailer Axle. The focus of the engineers was on developing a cost-effective and reliable axle unit that is perfectly engineered for the requirements of customers and the trailers in the NOVUM generation.

Kögel represents many years of expertise and outstanding engineering. The Bavarian trailer manufacturer proves this once again with the development of the Kögel Trailer Axle NOVUM. The goal: uncompromising quality, high cost-efficiency and optimal maintenance-friendliness. The weight-optimised components also deliver fuel savings, minimising the environmental footprint of the cargo. This is all in line with Kögel’s guiding principle: “Economy meets Ecology – Because we care” – because at Kögel, the customer and their needs are always the top priority.

The KTA NOVUM is the product of outstanding engineering. It combines the highest-quality, premium components with an innovative overall concept, which forms the backbone of the NOVUM generation and, above all, enables an extremely long service life. The perfect symbiosis between the KTA NOVUM and a trailer of the NOVUM generation has been realised by the development of a new axle support design. The axle support is engineered to optimally transfer force to the side member. Meanwhile, the revised, asymmetrically shaped steel and rubber bushing continues to transfer of force from the wishbone to the axle support while reducing strain on the materials. This interplay of components makes the trailer extremely strong and stable.

Customer requirements are the top priority
At Kögel, the customer always comes first. Preferences and suggestions from real-life users are incorporated in every product development. The need for long maintenance intervals and short downtimes is particularly pressing. That's why Kögel engineers have opted for a weight-optimised single tappet mechanism combined with cathodic dip-paint-coated brake calliper carriers and extra-robust brake pads and brake discs. The tried-and-tested cathodic dip-paint coating for protection against corrosion and stone impact can be found on almost every part of the lightweight yet robust bogie, and helps ensure a long service life.

Environmental protection included
“Economy meets Ecology – Because we care” – this guiding principle represents an obligation towards our environment, too. Kögel has knocked pounds off the KTA: Lighter brakes, direct clamping of the axle pipe by the wishbones, and two instead of four guide bolts have made it possible to omit certain components and thereby noticeably reduce the overall weight of the bogie, compared with the first generation of the Kögel Trailer Axle. This results in lower fuel consumption, which reduces CO2 emissions in turn. This will come as good news to both our customers’ wallets and the environment.

Rapid availability of spare parts across Europe
All spare parts for the KTA NOVUM will be available via Kögel Parts. In addition to convenient online ordering, a large number of Europe-wide service partners and service workshops are equipped with the most popular and essential spare parts. This prevent unnecessary downtime and, in the worst case, ensures the trailer is back on the road in no time.

Profitability re-examined – the Kögel Trailer Axle NOVUM .

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Martin Gramm
Junior Press Officer
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