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Awards ceremony with Kögel proprietor Ulrich Humbaur and Kögel managing director Petra Adrianowytsch

Burtenbach, 8th December 2016

Trailer headed for BönenThe team from Denninghaus GmbH & Co. KG has won the Kögel trailer

A great "win-a-trailer" customer table football tournament was held at the Kögel more

Kögel online Advent Calendar

Burtenbach, 29th November 2016

Stand a chance to win exciting Kögel prizes every daySpecial prizes to be won on Advent Sundays and on the 6th and 24th of December

The popular Kögel Advent Calendar is again available this more

Kögel Cargo in Noerpel design

Burtenbach, 24 November 2016

110 new Kögel Cargo45 new Kögel Box  – PurFerro qualityKögel telematics ensures transparency in the supply chain

Ulm-based C.E. Norpel GmbH has been a successful logistics service provider more

Kögel Cargo Coil in Alainé design

Burtenbach, 17th November 2016

Kögel Cargo Coil: Trailer for transporting coils and split strips

The Alainé Group (1100 employees, 230 million Euro turnover) from Macon, France, will be relying on Kögel trailers for its more

from left to right: Bernhard Möhnle, Andreas Schmid Logistik; Rudolf Nerdinger, Kögel; Helmut Treffer, Andreas Schmid Logistik; Petra Adrianowytsch, Kögel; Harald Klinger, Andreas Schmid Logistik

Burtenbach, 27th October 2016

Andreas Schmid Logistik AG, with headquarters in Gersthofen, Bavaria, and Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG reached on agreement at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 that Kögel would again be the more

Kögel says: "Many thanks!"

The Kögel IAA Team says goodbye after the eventful trade fair days in Hanover. Our gratitude extends primarily to our customers, suppliers, employees and business partners, who accepted our invitation to the Kögel more

Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality

Hanover, 28 September 2016  

New options and country-specific equipmentCorrosion-resistant, low-noise, low-wear and liquid-tight aluminium floor equipped as standardLong service life and more

Kögel Mega

Hanover, 27th September 2016

NEW: Now also available with forklift storage as an optionDouble the number of pallet spaces, thanks to double-level loadingTwice the benefit: two-in-one - toolbox and underride guard

At more

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