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Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality: The lightweight cooling professional

Box trailers | Cool | view: rear left | with PurFerro logo

More demanding life-styles and the desire for fresh food on a daily basis have led to a significant growth in the market for both fresh products and frozen foods during the last few years. In order to fully meet the requirements this development has brought about, the transportation logistics industry is faced with a number of challenges: Flexible, robust, strong and also light refrigerated vehicles that are adapted to the specialised market requirements are wanted.

With a low tare weight, the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality offers the high payloads with optimal volumes as well as high mechanical load-bearing capacity of the components. Driving safety, stability and durability were examined in great detail in multistage test programmes. The Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality conforms to DIN EN 12642 Code XL (VDI 2700) in terms of structural rigidity and has been tested for a payload of 27,000 kg.

In addition to non-slip flooring, the vehicle has excellent insulating (ATP) and hygiene properties (HACCP). The materials used guarantee a long service life and maintain value, while at the same time providing an attractive, modern appearance.

With its wide range of options the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality reflects decades of experience and intensive engineering expertise and offers everything that the demanding market for refrigerated logistics could require.

Product information
Chassis / Frame
Chassis / Frame
  • Sturdy end beam with protective bumper
  • Corrosion protection with nano-ceramic plus KTL coating
  • Optional protective full-surface coating on frame or chassis respectively (available as an option in various RAL colours)
Side walls
  • Side wall of sandwich material with insulated core (100% CFC-free)
  • Covering layer made of 0.6millimetre sheet steel end-coated and inside made of 0.6 millimetre sheet steel with hard PVC film coating
  • Smooth and food-compatible surface guarantees refrigerated semi-trailer is easy to clean
  • Total wall thickness: As an option approx. 60 millimetres for deep freeze transport or 45 millimetres for all purpose transports
  • Components from the in-house Kögel PurFerro centre of excellence
Floor and side protection bar
  • Sealed, liquid-tight trough made of aluminium floor and 300 millimetre high side protection bar
  • High friction value for safety and optimum load-securing
  • Fork-lift axle load of 7.2 tonnes
  • Optimum hygiene and cleaning characteristics
  • Thermal separation groove in transition to portal
  • aluminium floor with low-noise emission (optional)
  • Stainless steel portal with rotating rods and hinges which are easy to replace
  • Optimised four-fold lip seal on door which is easy to replace for higher sealing and less energy consumption
  • Rubber bumper all around (available as an option)
  • 85 millimetre thick sandwich element with insulating core (100% CFC-free)
  • External final coating in plate steel
  • Internal covering layer sheet steel with hard PVC film coating
  • Five interior LED lights with switch outside the body at the front on the left-hand side
Screwed underride guard
Screwed underride guard
  • Simple cost-effective repair in the event of an accident
  • Due to its tare weight, the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality refrigerated semi-trailer allows you a high payload
Air duct (CLIMATEX)
Air duct (CLIMATEX)
  • The extended and expanded air duct provides optimum guiding of the air and distributes the cooling air evenly over the entire body.
Level loading
Level loading
  • Fully recessed stage rails to make it easy to clean the refrigerated semi-trailer
  • Simple to adjust the height of loading bars for varying pallet heights
Anchoring rail
Anchoring rail
  • The completely recessed anchor rail offers optimum load securing through the complete load length.
Impact protection wall
Impact protection wall
  • Optimum protection of front wall and evaporator
  • Easy-to-disassemble design (with maximum protection) thanks to V-aluminium lattices
Protective bumper versions
Country-specific equipment
Kögel Cool PurFerro | front view
Kögel Quality Characteristics

Well-thought-out components provide high levels of active and passive safety: specially developed panelling elements on the frame for improved aerodynamics, underride guard compliant with the new EC Directive, standard Load Securing as per EN 12642 XL, RSS for greater driving stability and safety-optimised height adjustment valve (lifting roof with BG support). Kögel vehicles also have outstanding trailing characteristics.
Our comprehensive service facilities are available at any time from anywhere at Repair and guarantee services can be simply dealt with online. Our Kögel Assistance hotline is available around the clock in many European languages.
Electronic system and lighting
EBS is part of standard equipment. The lighting can be supplied entirely in LED design, providing long-term durability and reduced power consumption.
Comprehensive testing
All vehicle components are checked in dynamic driving tests according to the highest standards.
Underride guard
The reinforced underride guard increases safety levels for all road users. It can be installed and replaced separately.

Light brackets
The light mounting is made of impact-resistant plastic and guarantees 100% corrosion protection. It can be installed and replaced individually.
Environmental protection and sustainability
Kögel vehicles make an active contribution to the reduction in fuel consumption and environmental pollution: The aerodynamics are optimised, noise emission is constructively reduced, in production, strict requirements are observed to protect the environment and ensure that the materials used can be recycled.
Corrosion protection
Nano Ceramic plus KTL coating, the most modern and highest quality industrial surface treatment on the market provides the same outstanding properties as the coating previously applied using zinc phosphate, but it is more environmentally friendly and provides a better energy balance. The durable clean surface coating can be repainted at any time.
Load Securing and body stability
Kögel fulfils all stability requirements for reinforced bodies according to EN 12642 XL. For vehicles with this certificate, Load Securing is quite simple: with form-locked loading secured at the rear, the body absorbs all forces arising from the driving dynamics according to VDI 2700.
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