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Kögel Swap – the versatile swap talent

Swap on the go: Child's play to swap the Kögel Swap. In addition to that, you benefit from excellent handling when loading and unloading, for example with the practical sliding tarpaulin on the Swap Trailer. The sliding tarpaulin can be moved with a few moves. As an option, you can also have the Kögel Swap with drop sides. Let us advise you to help you find your individual optimal solution.

Product information
Reliability and handling
Reliability and handling
  • The high safe floor load of the Swap allows a fork-lift axle load of 5.46 tonnes
  • Sliding tarpaulin, sliding roof, portal doors and the centre stake bearings are particularly easy to open, close, or move
Support legs
Support legs
  • Guaranteed high stability and easy handling when driving underneath
  • Telescope adjustable (optional)
Sliding roof
  • Sliding roof which is easy to move for loading from above
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be slid from back to front
Tarpaulin tensioning device
Tarpaulin tensioning device
  • Tension ratchet in rear section
  • For easy and safe tensioning of tarpaulins
  • Available with anti-theft devices
  • With a tare weight starting from 2.25 tonnes and its stable lightweight construction, the Swap Trailer is ideal for high payloads
Front wall and portal doors
Front wall and portal doors
  • Light and strong front wall and portal doors made of aluminium
  • Body meets DIN EN 16462 Code XL (with sliding tarpaulin model)
VarioFix perforated steel external frame
VarioFix perforated steel external frame
  • Strong main frame combined with the optimised VarioFix perforated external frame for even more lashing options
  • Nine pairs of lashing rings on the external frame allow lashing loads of up to two tonnes
Optional product and equipment versions
  • Swap sliding tarpaulin: Swap bodies with a sliding tarpaulin running along both sides, tension straps attached to the tarpaulin running vertically and horizontally
  • Swap TIR: Swap body with full tarpaulin and drop sides with curtain clamps and customs-approved cable
  • Swap sliding tarpaulin with drop sides: Swap bodies with sliding tarpaulin, visible drop sides and a running tarpaulin rope
  • Swap frame: Swap frame without body
  • Paper equipment: Equipped with four longitudinal loading rails with an integrated hole arrangement for load-securing with locking wedges
  • Beverages certificate: Individual equipment for securely transporting crates, beverage pallets and barrels
  • Individual load-securing for partial loads and equipment versions
Contact & Service
Contact Us

If you are looking for a local sales partner or if you want to talk to a direct contact, then you will find all the important contacts here at a glance.

Download brochures
Download brochures

Click here for our product brochure on Kögel SWAP Demountable Systems.

Used trailers
Used Vehicle

The Kögel used vehicle exchange. These vehicles are not yet ready for the scrap heap. Top vehicles at excellent prices.

To the media library
To the media library

If you were unable to find a document, the Kögel media library will provide you with all videos, brochures, flyers, etc.

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