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FAQ | The most important Questions and Answers

Euro Trailer Rail
FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions
Infrastructure | Where can I drive the Euro Trailer?
road network
The Kögel Euro Trailer can be used in 15 of the 16 German Federal States*.

The use of elongated semitrailers is currently permitted throughout road networks of eleven Federal States (marked in green):
  • Bavaria
  • Hamburg
  • Hesse
  • Lower Saxony
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Saarland
  • Saxony
  • Saxony-Anhalt
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Thuringia
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
The elongated semitrailer is limited to the long truck positive network in an additional 4 federal states (marked in blue):
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg 
  • Bremen
  • Brandenburg
Elongated semitrailers cannot currently be used in (marked in red) :
  • Berlin

Transport across borders is not permitted!


The Kögel Euro Trailer complies with specifications relating to circular tracks and can be used on all existing infrastructure without any adaptation. This means that it takes the strain off the roads, as fewer vehicles are needed to achieve the same transport volume. When travelling on the specified circuit with a 25 m diameter (BO-Kraftkreis, German ordnance regulating motor vehicles) the trailer does not clip the interior circle of 5.30 m. The distance it swings out is less than the permitted 0.80 m.

German ministry of transport (Opens external link in new window,
Opens external link in new windowBASt, media coverage and research done by Kögel itself
Loading space and volume | What is the Euro Trailer's killer feature?
loading space | EN
  • 37 Euro pallets in total*: 11 x 3 + 2 x 2
  • (up to 73 Euro pallets when stacked in two layers**)
  • trailer length approx. 14.920 m (standard trailer: approx. 13.620 m)
  • 4 more Euro pallet spaces*
    • approx. 9 m³ more volume*
    • loading volume of approx. 100.27 m³ (interior: approx. 2.71 m)

* compared to standard trailers
** Valid for Cool – PurFerro quality Rail, Box Rail and Box – PurFerro quality Rail

Approval | How do I have to admit the Euro Trailer?
  • no special approval necessary within the next seven years
  • the elongated semitrailer does not need any exceptional authorization
  • until further notice only the road network is to be considered
Costs | What costs come with the Euro Trailer?
  • additional costs depending on choice of additional features
  • cost savings due to higher loading space and therefore less amount of rides, see YOUR PLUS as well
  • no hidden costs because there are no special fees or exceptional authorization needed with the standard exception of standard truck tolls on highways depending on state or country
  • there might be low costs for schooling drivers in the handling of elongated trailers
Participants | How many trailers and companies took part in the initial field test?
  • companies: 60
  • elongated trailers or long trucks: 161

latest update: 01/02/2017

 field test originally valid until 12/31/2016
 field test extended until 12/31/2023

The Art of Engineering
  • It boasts outstanding practicality and a high degree of road safety, certified by the Institute for Automotive Engineering
  • Kögel is the inventor of the 1,3 m-longer Euro Trailer
  • A trailer which has been tried and tested on the roads for over 10 years
Loading space
  • Up to approximately 10 m³ extra volume*
  • 4 Euro pallet spaces or Euro pallet spaces if stacked in two layers (Box and Cool)
  • Cost neutral in terms of tolls and taxes

* Compared to standard trailers

Cost savings
  • Reduced personnel, time and vehicle costs (e.g. for maintenance, wear, fuel, etc.): One in 10 trucks not needed due to the larger load capacity
Diverse Range of Models
  • Available as Cargo Rail, Mega Rail, Cool – PurFerro quality Rail, Box Rail, Box – PurFerro quality Rail
  • Straightforward use in combined transport (rail, ship, road), as well as within existing infrastructure (roundabout traffic, parking spaces, etc.)
Environmental Benefits
  • Up to approximately 10% lower CO2 emissions* through the use of elongated trailers
  • Saves up to approximately 10% on fuel* as a result of the larger load area necessitating fewer journeys

* Compared to standard trailers

  • High resale value due to the use of high-quality surface treatment (cataphoretic nano-ceramic coating)
  • Limited downtime due to use of stable and long-lasting materials
  • A quality product from the original manufacturer
The Degree of Customisation
  • Load securing packages such as the XL certifi cate (with drinks), Daimler Load Securing 9.5, and many more
  • Service packages such as Full Service Telematics and many more
  • Safety packages such as TIRE PILOT, RSAB and many more
  •   More loading space
  •   Lower operating costs
  •   Increased margins
  •   A high degree of flexibility with respect to freight
  •   Up to 10% lower CO2 emissions*
  •   Up to 10% savings on fuel*

* Compared to standard trailers

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