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Fundamental Aspects

VDI 2700

VDI 2700 is a guideline that describes which inertial forces affect the load. To secure the load, load securing must counteract these forces. If the cargo is secured against tilting, some of the inertial forces are counteracted by the friction between the load or the load carriers (such as pallets) and the floor. The graphic illustrates that a large portion of excessive inertial forces remains nonetheless. These forces must be neutralised by securing the load with tools for load securing.

1 corresponds to the maximum of inertial forces from driving dynamics in the direction of travel; if the cargo is secured against tilting, the inertial forces are counteracted by the friction between load and vehicle floor

Body strenght

EN 12642 XL - rigidity requirements for standard bodies

Beyond VDI 2700 there are additional European standards that regulate load securing. EN 12642 XL specifies the minimum requirements for a body, which absorbs at least part of the excess inertial forces (see graphic). Since such a body cannot secure all the forces described in VDI 2700, form-fit loading requires additional securing depending on load weight and friction.

The Kögel MAXX bodies with platform gate are certified according to EN 12642 XL. They thus meet all minimum requirements defined in the standard. In addition to the forces secured via the body, additional tools such as lashing points, ratchet straps or load securing wedges must be used for these vehicles. It is only then that all inertial forces described in VDI 2700 are neutralised.

EN 12642 XL

Certified body rigidity according to DIN EN 12642 XL

To ensure that the load is secured on the loading area without additional load securing measures, the body rigidity must be increased. The Kögel MAXX bodies with sliding curtains and the rigid bodies meet the rigidity requirements for enforced bodies according to EN 12642 XL. For vehicles with this certificate, load securing is very simple: the body is used. If the vehicle is loaded completely and form-fitted, the body is used for load securing. The body takes on the forces resulting from driving dynamics according to VDI 2700. This means: In case of form-fit loading, no additional load securing elements have to be used.

2 no additional load securing measures are required for form-fit loading of cargo.


The load is form-fit, if there is no more than one hand width (max. 5 cm) of space between the front, rear, and side wall and the individual load units (e.g. pallets, lattice boxes). It is only then that the load can support itself by leaning against the body.

If there is no form-fit on one or more sides, various accessories can be used to establish form-fit also for partial loads. For this purpose, Kögel also offers solutions to meet your transportation requirements.

Side load securing rail
Side load securing rail
  • The steel rail with built-in adjustment steps forms the basis for the partial loading concept
Basic locking beam
Basic locking beam
  • This can be mounted to the lateral load securing rails, lateral pallet limiting rail or the Vario locking beam
Lateral pallet limiting rail
Lateral pallet limiting rail
  • Secured to the outer frame by means of bolts
  • Can be removed
  • Used to mount locking beams for securing partial loads
  • loading aid and tarpaulin protection
  • Can be combined with form-fitted securing
Variable pallet limiting rail
Variable pallet limiting rail
  • For securing cargo on loag carries
  • Apart from securing the load carries in the lower part, the attached second pallet limiting rail also secures the load placed on it
Vario locking beam
Vario locking beam
  • With variable insertion grid for securing additional cargo control elements (additional locking beams or lashing straps)
Telescopic locking beam
Telescopic locking beam
  • Extendable from 1,650 mm to 2,500 mm
  • Can be used for load securing in vertical and horizontal direstions

For some cargoes, it is not possible to use form-fitting loading for transporting. In that case, the load must be secured by tying down or tying diagonally. The Kögel products also offer an ideal solution for different industries here.

Standard lashing rings
Standard lashing rings
  • Loading capacity of up to 2 tonnes
  • Visible from the inside, in accordance with EN 12640
Lashing straps
Lashing straps
  • Ergonomically optimised longhandle ratchets with high tensile force
Lashing points on the front wall
Lashing points on the front wall
  • In according with EN 12640 for load securing (whereby the lashing equipment is wrapped around th goods) of cargo which is positioned directly against the front wall
VarioFix outer frame
VarioFix outer frame

Outer frame complete with close hole arrangement:

  • Lashing angle and lashing capacity in accordance with EN 12640, for flexible attachment of different lashing straps
  • The cargo can be securely lashed at almost any point of the vehicle
4-tonne lashing rings
4-tonne lashing rings

Required for heavy-duty lashing in the area of the coil trough; likewise for high-strength direct tensioning:

  • Available instead of standard lashing rings
4-tonnes end plate
4-tonnes end plate
  • Mounted on the VarioFix outer frame
  • Lashinghooks can be attached to this reinforcing element
  • High-strength lashing is possible; retrofitting without requiring any welding work
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