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Keep your cool

The market for fresh and frozen foods is growing – and with it, the demand for flexible, resilient and compact yet lightweight refrigerated trucks that fully satisfy the particular requirements. Just like the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality. Its big advantage: its user-friendliness. Because all the important elements – such as the guide rails and portal doors – are easy to use.

Alongside a non-slip floor, the vehicle also boasts outstanding insulating (ATP FRC) and hygiene (HACCP) properties. The materials used guarantee a long service life and value retention with a modern look. With its many options, the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality represents decades of experience and the best in engineering artistry.
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Our body variants

Vehicle variants


Your Kögel Cool advantages

  • Outstanding insulating properties
  • High durability
  • Low basic weight

Kögel Quality Characteristics


Corrosion protection

Nano-Ceramic with KTL coating is the most modern and high-quality form of industrial surface treatment. It is just as good as zinc phosphating, but more environmentally friendly. The durable, clean coating can be repainted at any time. We grant a ten-year guarantee against rusting through on the vehicle frame.



You can call up comprehensive services at any time and from any location using our website. Repairs and guarantees can be processed conveniently online. Our Kögel Assistance hotline is available around the clock in a number of European languages.


Frame and base construction

A sophisticated frame design means less weight. The whole thing is coupled with a stable sandwich base whose core, made of insulating foam and wooden cross beams, ensures the highest levels of stability and durability.

Kögel system solutions

Kögel PurFerro

The well-known PurFerro sandwich panel competence centre in Duingen, Lower Saxony, has been part of the Kögel corporate group since the end of 2011. This means that we have crucial in-house expertise for the production of our premium refrigerated semitrailer Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality and our premium dry-freight box body Kögel Box – PurFerro quality.

Kögel trailer axle KTA NOVUM

The Kögel trailer axle KTA NOVUM is ideal for all Kögel trailers of the NOVUM generation. Durable, sustainable and resilient - thanks to a high level of engineering competence, you are always on the move efficiently with this integrated chassis system. Extremely easy to maintain, economical and environmentally friendly - KTA NOVUM fulfills three central wishes of Kögel customers, true to our motto: Because we care.

Kögel Climatex

Kögel CLIMATEX was developed to achieve efficient and even cooling in refrigerated trailers. A specially shaped and perforated ventilation plate and an air conduction film in the roof of the trailer ensure optimal air circulation in the refrigerated trailer. With Kögel CLIMATEX, you achieve an efficient and optimally distributed refrigeration temperature in the trailer.

Kögel Telematics

The position of your trailer in real time, coupling status, EBS data, door position status, ambient temperature, refrigeration mode and configured settings – these and many other data can be displayed via the Kögel Telematics Connectivity Database on the Kögel Telematics Web portal and other fleet management systems. You can therefore import your data into existing processes and a wide variety of software systems in real time.

Three steps to your Kögel Cool


Kögel Finance

Be it purchase or rental – with our financing models, we will find you a tailored solution.

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Kögel Full Service

Kögel Full Service is the complete package for your new trailer. And you specify the service scope.

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Kögel Telematics

From now on, you will always have an eye on your trailer: because Kögel Telematics comes as standard in all vehicle types.

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