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Companions | 05/30/2022

Young talent – we find it, encourage it, and shape it!

Apprentices are the key to our company’s success. Young people are right at the beginning of their careers – which is why their professional development is incredibly important to us. It forms the foundation for everything they go on to do in the future. We want apprentices to feel at home with us and have everything they need to develop professionally. That’s why we offer our apprentices a wide range of individual training and development opportunities. After all, they are training at one of Europe’s biggest trailer manufacturers.

“Welcome to the team” is not just an empty phrase at Kögel. We want all apprentices to find their own way with us, and support them in doing so. Because, at Kögel, you can really make a difference! We have learned that future employers need to offer more than just an attractive salary and a secure job. We want everyone to feel at home and able to freely develop their own interests. That’s why we give our young talent the freedom and opportunity to fully realize their potential. Here, apprentices always have a point of contact to support them in case of any questions or difficulties, helping them to integrate into their new team and accompanying them through each stage of their apprenticeship.

Difficult beginnings? Not at Kögel!

The question of what career path to take is often a difficult one for graduates. It can be challenging to know how and where to apply. To help make this decision a little easier, Kögel offers fantastic opportunities to explore the world of work and discover one’s personal strengths with open days, internships and trial days. Students can also optimise their skills and application documents via the Kögel application training programme and gather their first experiences in a stress and pressure-free setting.

Something for everyone!

We have the perfect job for everyone. Whether you are skilled with your hands, passionate about technology or great at organizing, we offer high-level apprenticeships such as:

Metals technology specialist (m/f/d)

Warehouse logistics specialist  (m/f/d)

Design Engineering Mechanic (m/f/d)

Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

IT Specialist in System Integration (m/f/d)

Do you want to study while doing an apprenticeship? Then dual studies are an option that’s open to you:

apply for dual studies in Business Administration in Industry or Mechanical Engineering with a Design major now!

First steps towards independence

Starting an apprenticeship is a big step towards becoming an independent adult. That includes earning your own money for the first time. At Kögel, you get a decent salary right from the start – around 1,035 euros gross per month, thanks to the IG Metall collective labour agreement. Your bank account will thank you. But that’s not all. In addition to our exceptional apprentices’ salary, we also offer other benefits: 30 days of holiday! 37.5 hours a week! Subsidy for the bus, train and the journey to school!

That way, your apprenticeship is guaranteed to be a success.

You’ve successfully completed your apprenticeship – now what?

We take our company motto “Because we care” very seriously and challenge ourselves to become a little better every day. We make committed, long-term plans and want to offer the same perspective to our employees. At Kögel, you can focus on completing your apprenticeship in peace, without worrying about what happens afterwards and where you will go next, because we offer guaranteed employment with attractive conditions after your apprenticeship

Curious? Browse the Kögel Careers page and apply! We look forward to working with you!

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