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Energy-reducing components" (EMF) support program

With intelligent trailer technologies from Kögel 

With the aim of supporting transport and logistics companies in the environmentally friendly and efficiency-enhancing modernization of their vehicle fleets, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has launched the National support program "Energy-reducing components" (EMK) launched.

Who in the period from 24.07.2023 to 31.03.2024 decides in favor of a trailer from Kögel with energy-efficient equipment options will receive money back from the government. As part of the "Energy-reducing components" subsidy program, the German government subsidizes trailers and components that reduce energy consumption and thus lower the carbon footprint of a transport operation.

Information on the "Energy-reducing components" (EMC) support program - because we care

At Kögel, we consider it our responsibility to do our best to make transport and logistics processes more environmentally and climate friendly in line with political requirements and the needs of our customers.

Our company motto "Economy meets Ecology - Because we care" is more than just a slogan. It is a promise to support our customers in the best possible way with our expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and, above all, with durable, sustainable and economically efficient products.

Who benefits from the promotion?

All natural and legal persons of private law*, which is the new vehicle for commercial purposes can use the funding from the Support program "Energy-reducing components receive
The grant also requires that in the case of the recipient, proper management appears to be ensured and it is able to demonstrate that the funds are being used for the intended purpose.

 *A minor participation of a public corporation is harmless.

What is the funding level for commercial vehicle fleet renewal?
In what time is promoted?
Other eligibility requirements
How do you obtain a grant?
How can you make a request?
What is the approval process?
What is the where-used list procedure?

We are happy to advise you so that you can benefit in the best possible way - Because we care

The federal government subsidizes the purchase of energy-reducing components and trailers, the use of which offers considerable efficiency reserves in operation and thus reduces the energy consumption of the load train. The Kögel Euro Trailer and many equipment options from the Kögel range meet the eligibility criteria.

Among the energy-reducing trailers and components according to Positive list of the BALM include among others*:

Intelligent trailer technologies include*:

    • Aerodynamic attachments
    • Optimization of rolling resistance - tires and axles
    • Optimization of loading capacity or reduction in the number of trips
    • Lightweight construction
    • Making the trailer craneable
    • Increase (cooling) efficiency
    • Telematics
    • Others like tire pressure monitoring and LED lighting

    *a selection


Box vehicles


Refrigerated trailers


Tarpaulin vehicle


Dump truck


Platform vehicles


Container chassis

Eligible Kögel Trailer products

The Euro trailer is also listed as a component in the funding catalog and is thus eligible.

Kögel Cargo Rail
Kögel Light Plus
Kögel Cool
Kögel Box
Kögel Euro Trailer (long truck type 1)

Kögel Trailer equipment options that meet the eligibility criteria

Aerodynamic attachments:

  • Height adjustable structure
  • Roof covers like roll tarpaulin

Optimization of rolling resistance - tires and axles

  • Lift axle and double axle lift
  • Automatic tire pressure control system
  • OptiLoad/OptiTurn
  • Self steering axle
  • Energy efficiency class A and B tires
  • Tire pressure monitoring or refilling system

Optimization of load capacity/number of trips: 

  • Double deck device
  • Lightweight components (e.g. aluminum insertion plates, aluminum rims and other aluminum add-on parts)
  • Payload optimized trailer
  • Lightweight components
  • Thermal insulation for tipping troughs
  • Extended trailer (long truck type 1)
  • reinforced tarpaulin structure Strong&Go

Crane making the trailer/combined transport:

  • Additional equipment for obtaining a railroad loadability or a craneability

Combined Transport: 

  • Cranbarization

Increase (cooling) efficiency:

  • Cooling structures with an insulation effect of at least 0.36 W/m2K
  • Cooling unit with e-motor
  • Recuperation and generator axis
  • Battery systems for supplying trailer and towing vehicle components
  • Cooling partition


  • Hardware Trailer Telematics
  • Telematics-supported tire pressure monitoring


  • LED lighting

*A selection according to the positive list of July 20, 2023. The positive list may still be subject to change. There is no entitlement to a grant. Rather, the granting authority (BALM) decides on the basis of its dutiful discretion within the framework of the available budget funds whether the measure (acquisition of the component) complies with the funding guidelines and whether the funding is granted.

"So I get a high-tech product at a low price that costs me less than a standard trailer."