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Kögel Multi Container Stop wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2024

Press release | 21.11.23


The Kögel Multi Container Stop is intuitive to operate, provides improved user comfort and work safety, and delivers payload benefits. By doing so, the system makes climate-friendly combined transport more attractive and has a sustainable impact. The system has been awarded the European Transport Award for Sustainability 2024 by an independent expert jury.

The European Transport Award for Sustainability 2024 , which is awarded by German trade newspaper Transport, has been awarded to the Kögel Multi Container Stop (MCS) in the “Trailers and Bodies” category. “Kögel has paid attention to the fine details, and the results are visible. Depending on the model, the weight of the container chassis can be reduced by 300 kilograms through the combination of the new front carrier with the front section of the frame. This also saves CO2. The MCS is a cut above all the rest in the “Trailers and Bodies” category,” explains Christine Harttmann, jury member and Editor in Chief at the trade newspaper, Transport. “Kögel advocates for sustainability in transport – as promised in our company motto “Economy meets Ecology – Because we care”. Sustainable technologies succeed when they also pay off economically. This clearly applies to the Kögel MCS. With this innovation, Kögel creates added value for its customers, as the time and weight savings pay for themselves. As a result, the system makes switching to environmentally-friendly and climate-friendly combined transport an attractive option,” explain Kögel CEO Christian Renners.

The innovative, user-friendly and secure container lock is revolutionising the road transport of all types of swap bodies. Thanks to the MCS, there is no need for conventional “twist lock” container locking mechanisms on the front of the swap chassis. Instead, the load is secured exclusively via positive form locking, proven to be the best type of load-securing in accordance with DIN EN 12642. The MCS also has the corresponding load-securing certificates. “Why waste time with complicated locking procedures, when you can get the same results using form locking. Simply set down the container and secure it to the MCS via the form-locking mechanism. In no time at all, your swap body is safely secured at the front,” says Michael Müller, who is responsible, among other things, for developing the container chassis series at Kögel.

Kögel MCS eliminates user error

In contrast to the container locking mechanisms widely used on the market, the Kögel MCS is intuitive to use. This eliminates the scope for user error. High cube containers automatically lock onto the cross beam at the front and are secured by a form-locking mechanism in compliance with the relevant standards. The load is secured at the side by the tunnel in the container. For ISO containers without a tunnel, this function is performed by a pin at the top of the MCS, which absorbs force in the direction of travel and from the side. There is no need to adjust the front mounts, socket pins or stops to secure the different container types on the front of the container chassis. Operating the twist locks and the standard front extensions demands a lot of effort from the driver. Furthermore, the handling of the extensions, swivel arms and other components takes time. With the Kögel MCS, this is no longer necessary.

There is no need to adjust the front mounts, pins or stops on the front of the container chassis to secure the different container types. Operating the twist locks is also strenuous for the driver due to their weight. On top of this, handling the extensions, swivel arms and other components takes a lot of time. With the Kögel MCS, this is no longer necessary in this form.

Weight savings of up to 700 kilograms per trailer

The locks at the rear feature the same design as always. They secure the load against the direction of travel and help absorb force at the sides. Thanks to a combination of the Kögel MCS at the front and conventional locks at the rear of the chassis, the driver needs at most half the time to secure the swap body.

The Multi Container Stop also reduces the weight of the new front section. Through the new front carrier alone, Kögel has succeeded in reducing the weight of the Simplex models by 400 kilograms, and the Duplex models, by as much as 700 kilograms. The Kögel MCS is available for all conventional container chassis.

Award winners demonstrate responsible and sustainable business

The trade newspaper Transport from Munich-based publishing house, the Huss-Verlag, has awarded the European Transport Award for Sustainability for over a decade. Applications are evaluated by an independent expert jury. On the committee are prominent individuals from business, science, professional associations and the media, who have in-depth knowledge of the commercial vehicle sector. According to the Huss-Verlag, the award-winners prove that responsible and sustainable business helps solve social and ecological problems, while increasing profitability and competitiveness for companies. Innovations from Kögel have already won the award several times; most recently, the multifunctional and extremely lightweight Port 45 Triplex container chassis.


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From left to right: Christian Renners, CEO Kögel Trailer GmbH, Michael Müller, Developer Kögel, Christine Harttmann, Editor-in-Chief TRANSPORT, Rainer Langhammer, Managing Director HUSS-Verlag GmbH


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